Course Description

Stark State College State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) course is held at the Main campus and Akron Perkins campus. The course consists of classroom, practice lab, and clinical hours for a total of 75 required hours. Day and evening courses are available.
The course is approved by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Higher Education. 
Students are taught by nurses who have successfully completed the Ohio Department of Health’s Train the Trainer program and have many years of experience in education.
At the completion of the course, students will be eligible to take the state test to become certified as a State Tested Nurse Aide.
Graduates have many opportunities for employment in health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and home care.  Graduates may also consider advancing their education by applying for our Practical Nursing program.


Please feel free to contact Mary Carothers at mcarothers@starkstate.edu with any questions.     


Training $1141.00
Liability Insurance $15.00
BCI/FBI Background Check   $70.00
 NATCEP State Test:     
Written $26.00
  Skills  $78.00
Total $1330.00


  • NATCEP State Test – If a student requires that the State Test be read to them - Oral (additional $10)
  • Physical examination, flu shot, TB testing, COVID-19 vaccines
  • Scrubs
  • White shoes
  • Textbook and Workbook
  • NATCEP State Retests:
    • Written = $26.00
    • Oral = $36.00
    • Skills = $78.00

A minimum of 8 students is required to offer the class. If a class is not full, students will be given the opportunity to reschedule to another upcoming class. A maximum of 16 students can be accommodated.

To get started:

  1. Review STNA Requirements to determine age and background check eligibility as well as attendance, dress code, and health record requirements.
  2. Once your eligibility has been determined, you must complete all admission requirements PRIOR to being registered for a class. These include completing the background check, health records, and proof of current/valid state ID and social security card. NO STUDENT WILL BE REGISTERED FOR A CLASS UNTIL ALL REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED FOR REVIEW.


ATTENDANCE Ohio Department of Health requires that students attend all classroom, practice lab, and clinical hours to be eligible to take the State Test and be certified. Therefore, any absence may disqualify a student from completing the course or may result in a later completion date.

REQUIREMENTS– must be completed prior to the first day of clinical or student will not be eligible to attend

  1. Age – students must be 16 years or older.
  2. Background checkA clear background check is required. If you have any offenses on your background – please notify Barb Dawson at bdawson@starkstate.edu to discuss whether you will be able to attend the course. Criminal background checks must be completed at the main campus of Stark State College, 6200 Frank Avenue NW, North Canton, OH 44720. Appointments must be made with the Security Department at https://gatewayadvising.as.me/Backgroundcheck

No payment is due at the time of the background check as the cost is included in the STNA Bundle Cost. You must notify security at the time of your appointment that you do not have to pay. You must bring your state issued photo ID, Social Security number, and completed background check form (attached) with you for the appointment. It is recommended that students make this appointment as soon as possible as the results may not be available for up to 60 days. The SSC security office will email the results of your background check to Barb Dawson, STNA Program Coordinator. Results must be received prior to being able to register for a class.

  1. Transportation – if students have transportation needs, they may request an SSC student ID badge during their appointment with SSC Security for their background check. The ID badge will allow the student to ride SARTA. Please note: the ID badge will only give the student access to SARTA rides. In Akron, SARTA can only be accessed through the METRO station. Rides from the Akron METRO station to the SSC main campus can take up to 1.5 hours.
  2. Identification Students must bring a current state issued photo ID and OFFICIAL Social Security card. If a student does not have their OFFICIAL Social Security card, they can request a replacement card through the Social Security Administration at https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/replacement-card.html **Students must have ORIGINALS of both with them the day of the STNA State Test**
  3. Parking pass – Parking passes will be sent to students by email. The parking pass must be displayed in the student’s vehicle when on college property. The pass is acceptable on both Main Campus and the Akron Campus.
  4. Textbook/Workbook Students must purchase the required textbook and workbook before the first day and take to class EVERY DAY. Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics 6th Edition – textbook and workbook (has a hummingbird on the cover – yellow and orange books). Books can be purchased at the SSC College Store or online through Amazon or other sites. Click this link to see the books required: https://www.amazon.com/Workbook-Hartmans-Nursing-Assistant-Care/dp/1604251425/ref=pd_lpo_1?pd_rd_w=M7Op6&content-id=amzn1.sym.116f529c-aa4d-4763-b2b6-4d614ec7dc00&pf_rd_p=116f529c-aa4d-4763-b2b6-4d614ec7dc00&pf_rd_r=61AJQ48XGTSWRRHRKZX3&pd_rd_wg=jFXSz&pd_rd_r=b1f59f26-9c47-4312-88f7-b1bdb3f960da&pd_rd_i=1604251425&psc=1

Books are not included in the STNA Bundle – they may be covered by outside funding. If unsure, please contact Barb Dawson at bdawson@starkstate.edu.

HEALTH RECORDS –The following must be completed:

  1. STNA Physical Eligibility Form—Must be signed by a certified physician or nurse practitioner to determine the student’s eligibility to participate in and complete all of the class/lab/clinical activities. The completed form must be submitted on the first day of class.
  2. Flu shot – must have documentation of a current season flu shot if attending a class between October and May. Documentation must be submitted on the first day of class.
  3. TB skin test a 2-step TB test or Quantiferon/T-spot blood test is required. The 2-step TB skin test requires the student to have the first step placed and read within 2 days; then a second step placed a week later and read within 2 days. Documentation of the placement and reading of both steps must be submitted the first day of class.
  4. COVID-19 vaccine mandate - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that beginning on February 14, 2022, all healthcare facilities that receive federal CMS funding are required to enforce a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

According to these guidelines, the mandate includes the following:

Regardless of clinical responsibility or resident contact, the policies and procedures must apply to the following facility staff, who provide any care, treatment, or other services for the facility and/or its residents: (i) Facility employees; (ii) Licensed practitioners; (iii) Students, trainees, and volunteers; and (iv) Individuals who provide care, treatment, or other services for the facility and/or its residents, under contract or by other arrangement.

Therefore, all students must submit one of the following before attending their clinical experiences:

*documentation of COVID-19 vaccination(s) – completed

*religious exemption form to be reviewed by the clinical facility

*medical exemption form to be reviewed by the clinical facility


Students must submit the following items – see instructions for submission below. Once all items have been received and your background check results have come back, you will be notified that you are able to register for one of the upcoming classes:

  1. completed physical exam form,
  2. flu shot documentation,
  3. TB 2-step documentation,
  4. COVID-19 vaccination documentation or completed exemption form,
  5. copy of your State issued ID,
  6. copy of your official social security card, and
  7. make/model/license plate number for the vehicle you are parking in the lot

For Akron Campus students: Paperwork may be submitted to the Gateway Office.

For Main Campus students: Paperwork may be submitted at Career Services & Workforce Development (M104) Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. If you are not able to drop off your paperwork during regular business hours, you must contact Mary Carothers at mcarothers@starkstate.edu to make other arrangements. 


DRESS CODE POLICYThese requirements must be followed during the entire course while in classroom, practice lab, and clinical experiences:

  1. Uniform scrubs – any solid color scrub top and pants. Scrubs can be purchased anywhere. Click on this link for one option: https://www.amazon.com/Cherokee-Contrast-Tie-Top/dp/B07SQ3YVV4/ref=sr_1_8?crid=1E61P6Z86MFZ5&dchild=1&keywords=womens%2Bscrub%2Bsets&qid=1633705299&sprefix=womens%2Bscru%2Caps%2C212&sr=8-8&th=1
  2. Shoes and socks -- Clean, white shoes with non-skid soles. Must be closed-toed and closed-heeled. Crocs are not acceptable. White socks or hose must be worn with uniform. Click on this link for one option: https://www.walmart.com/ip/C-C-California-Women-s-Platform-Sneakers-Vegan-Leather-Shoes-White/605817191?athbdg=L1700
  3. Nails -- Must be clean and no longer than ¼ inch beyond your fingertip (state regulation). Nail polish must be clear or neutral. No artificial nails or adornments.
  4. Hair – Must be pulled back and clean at all times. Hair must be of natural color and no extreme styles (i.e. red, blue, purple, mohawks, etc…) Head coverings are prohibited in the classroom, lab, and clinical unless for religious purposes – must discuss with Program Coordinator prior to clinical experiences.
  5. Jewelry/Piercings – One small stud (no hoop or wire earrings) in each lower earlobe. NO cartilage rings, nose rings, tongue rings, eyebrow rings or facial piercings. No necklaces or bracelets except a watch. No smart watches allowed.
  6. Tattoos - may not be visible outside of the uniform. May be covered with a solid color shirt under the uniform scrub top; with a bandage; or with makeup if not in an area that will require frequent washing.


Students who have had previous testing accommodations must contact the SSC Disabilities Support Services at https://www.starkstate.edu/admissions/disability-support-services/ to determine their eligibility and accommodations available. Instructors cannot offer accommodations until they receive guidance from the DSS office. For more information about accommodations for the NATCEP State Test, go to the D&S Technologies website.


Students should arrive fifteen to twenty minutes before class is scheduled to begin.

Parking on Main Campus: park any where in the Gateway Parking and enter the door under the Stark State College sign. The security check-in can be found right inside the door. The instructor will meet you by security to take you to the classroom – G106 by the Silk Auditorium.

Parking on Akron Perkins Campus: park any where in the lot except where there are reserved parking signs for Faculty and Staff. Enter the main entrance; take the elevators in the main lobby to the third floor. The classroom is A306 – down the hallway halfway on your left.

Students may be required to wear masks – per college protocol.

Bring textbook, workbook, writing utensils and any snacks/lunch needed for the day. There is no cafeteria in the building, but vending machines are available. Thirty minutes is allotted for lunch.

Policies and Procedures – Students will receive a copy of the program’s Policies and Procedures on the first day.

Please feel free to contact Mary Carothers at mcarothers@starkstate.edu with any questions.

We look forward to being a part of your educational goals.


This course currently does not have any sections available. Click "Request Information" to request a notification when a section opens up. Contact us at 330-494-6170 x4887 or workforce@starkstate.edu if you have questions.

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